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Architectural design

GEOMETRIA’s architectural intentions take full benefits of the new digital design methodologies, providing unique and sophisticated design solutions.

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Design consultancy

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their complex design goals and realize their ideas cost-effectively.
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Research & Development

We research, teach and develop cutting edge digital design procedures, structures and fabrication methodologies as part of our commercial practice as well as in academia.

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Parametric modeling

The use of parametric 3D-modeling and various programming methods allows us to generate and model complex patterns, forms and structures that are easy to control, as well as highly accurate for digital fabrication purposes.
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System design

We design adaptable component-based systems that allow for a high level of customization in order to realize complex shapes and structures with minimum amount of different building elements.
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BIM / Project data exchange

We are experienced in exchanging and linking data in multiple ways and with different design and fabrication software, operating in all levels of BIM.
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Optimization through various performance-based, geometric or cost-related criteria helps our clients to achieve the best results and save money in material and fabrication costs.
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Simulation of structural or environmental performance, or fabrication procedures, supports the design and facilitates decision making.
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We offer high quality architectural and product design visualizations to illustrate the design.
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Fabrication modeling

Our modeling techniques provide precise and accurate models that are ready for fabrication utilizing various fabrication methods and materials.

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Assembly design

We will develop rational assembly procedures and create accurate and informative documentation that are required in the construction of non-standard shapes and structures.

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Fabrication data creation

We are well prepared to provide and exchange fabrication data in numerous different formats for multiple different fabrication machines.

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GEOMETRIA provides a wide range of architectural design services. Especially our expertise in digital design methods enables us to offer various innovative design solutions. We can design professionally on many levels and confidently utilize our knowledge in architecture, engineering, interior design as well as digital fabrication. We believe that by combining creative conceptual thinking with digital design methodologies we can provide improved design results.


As the building industry is growing more complex and digital workflows encompass every aspect of it, GEOMETRIA is dedicated to improve the flexibility and implementation of design processes and a more fluent information exchange. Our expertise in algorithm-aided design and parametric modeling, as well as in digital fabrication methodologies enables you to achieve your complex design goals, offering the link between the design and fabrication processes.


With our large variety of services, GEOMETRIA can serve and support your needs in all phases of the design and construction processes. Our mission is to handle and solve complex geometries and structures, with precision and cost-effectively.


In order for our customers to receive the cutting edge knowledge on digital fabrication, GEOMETRIA is actively researching and developing new digital design processes, tools, structures and fabrication methodologies. Through our expert team of architects, we are heavily involved in teaching computational design and parametric modeling in Universities in Finland, and have held design and fabrication workshops in Europe and Asia.


GEOMETRIA has a large variety of co-operators in many industry fields and is well connected with the leading professionals in the field of digital design and architecture. Ranging from product design to software creation, and to the development of new building component systems. Uur development team can get you the best results in design, fabrication or automation.



GEOMETRIA utilizes programming and advanced parametric 3D-modeling to create design tools that are built for the needs of the project at hand. Parametric 3D-modeling enables the automated generation and modeling of complex patterns, forms and structures with flexible and constantly adjustable results. The generated models, regardless of their visual complexity, are easy to control through automated processes, yet highly accurate and can be readily exported for digital fabrication purposes.


Through algorithm-aided processes and parametric modeling, you can achieve detailed and accurate design models that are flexible in their every aspect. This means that exploration of different design options is fast and even large design changes can occur in later phases of the design process. We design our parametric 3D models with information about the fabrication restrictions and other design constraints, which will ensure the rationality of the design.


Complex and multi-layered design solutions require a systematic approach to  organization and hierarchy of  components. GEOMETRIA approaches design tasks by developing rational component and element based systems that enable efficient manufacturing and construction processes. Through the relationships between different sub-systems components, layers and materials can be organized and optimized digitally before assembly.


Our approach in developing paneling, façade or structural systems is to design adaptable components that allow for a high level of customization, where the differentiation is achieved through minor variations between pieces. This allows us to realize complex shapes with a minimum amount of different pieces and possibility for geometric optimization in order to achieve repetition in fabrication.


All of our 3D models are created as data rich Building Information Models, where component and project specific metadata is saved as part of the accurate geometry. This data can be fluently transferred between different parties, design software or even fabrication machinery. GEOMETRIA is experienced in solving projects’ data transfer processes from design to fabrication.


GEOMETRIA utilizes various optimization techniques in order to rationalize the production geometry, to lower fabrication costs, and to accommodate solar gain, shading, views and other environmental factors. The digital optimization is critical for performative efficiency, but also geometric and structural optimization are key factors in realizing complex surfaces and achieving results that are logical and cost-efficient to fabricate.


Optimization is a task that requires expertise in the aspects of the design that are under optimization. GEOMETRIA has extensive experience in this field, so we can provide you the best results with confidence.


GEOMETRIA provides simulation services, created to ensure the performative quality of the project. Simulating different aspects creates confidence in design solutions, supports design and facilitates decision making.


GEOMETRIA can provide environmental simulation services in daylighting, lighting simulation, shadow studies, weather data, wind directionality and view angles. Combined with optimization methods, we can help you search for design solutions that best fit the desired environmental goals.


GEOMETRIA provides visualization services allowing the customer to see the design in high-quality rendered still images or VR scenes. We have skills and tools to provide high-end visualizations that facilitate design making and help to convey the design ideas.


Different illustrations and diagrams are used, besides rendered images, in communications between different design parties. GEOMETRIA takes full advantage of the combination of algorithmic modeling tools and visualization tools, which allows us to handle complex and repetitive modeling tasks as part of the visualization process.



GEOMETRIA implements precision parametric CAD modeling, which enables the realization of non-standard building elements. The detailed CAD model contains the needed information for fabrication purposes, and is specifically constructed to meet the project’s manufacturing and construction processes.


GEOMETRIA has a wide network of fabrication experts, which we utilize in order for you to meet your production requirements. We have extensive knowledge in different types of production technologies, materials and fabrication data exchange processes.


Complex designs often require project specific and rational assembly concepts, procedures and instructions. GEOMETRIA specializes in solving manufacturing processes and the generation of accurate and informative documentation for construction.


With process automation, we can accurately create hundreds of pages of information to go with the digital fabrication data. These can aid the quality control of fabrication and element assembly.


GEOMETRIA generates digital fabrication data in various formats, so there is no need for any remodeling of building parts in the fabrication stage. We work closely together with manufacturers to find the best fabrication workflows.